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Genomic Synthesis

BBS employs advanced phosphoramidite chemistry with stringent quality control systems to ensure high quality Oligonucleotides.

BBS follows fully automated (Dr. Oligo) system with high quality chemicals and robust optimised protocols for the synthesis of Oligo.

BBS is equipped with synthesis experts with over 15 years of experience to ensure stringent quality control of Oligo, to deliver highest standards of Oligonucleotides.

Custom DNA Synthesis

BBS synthesizes Oligos in tubes / plates, which can be shipped dry or dissolved in a requested solution.

Synthesis Scale and Purification

BBS offers Oligos of 4 different scales with the following range of nucleotides:


● Optimum OD for Standard and Desalted

Purification services

Various methods of purification (Desalted, Reverse phase, HPLC) are also offered at BBS facility depending on the need and usage of the Oligos.

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