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Basmati Authenticity

Basmati rice is aromatic rice known globally for its good quality, extra-long grains, pleasant and distinct aroma, found in south Asia especially in India and Pakistan.

Traditional Basmati (TB) rice is expensive in the market than Evolved Basmati (EB) rice and Non-Basmati (NB) rice. Major challenges on differentiating these rice varieties through visual basis and conventional methods. Therefore, to distinguish traditional Basmati from evolved Basmati and non-Basmati rice plays a vital role in Basmati trade.

Quality of rice varieties and price differences in the market create a situation for the adulteration of Basmati rice and increase the profits to the traders . Also, finding Basmati adulteration is essential to promise rice authenticity to the quality regulation of import countries.

BBS utilize state-of-the-art screening methods and follow British Code of Practice (COP) to identify Traditional, Evolved and Non-Basmati portions using SSR markers.

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