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Reagents & Kits

Molecular biology kits for nucleic acid purification make it easier for researchers to obtain high quality of gDNA, RNA for every step of your research. The kits perfectly complement with our range of DNA polymerases, PCR master mix, DNA ladders, markers and other daily uses laboratory products. The kits are designed for fast and efficient isolation of DNA and RNA from a wide variety of samples including plant tissue, animal tissue, bacterial cells, buccal swab, soil, mitochondria, purification of PCR/Gel products and many more.

Molecular biology kits use silica-based membrane technology, which selectively binds nucleic acid and removes other contaminants to give highly pure genomic DNA and RNA. We have specially designed lysis buffer for each tissue to ensure proper lysis of wide varieties of sample types. The isolated products are ready-to-use in downstream applications such as PCR, Real time PCR, Cloning, cDNA synthesis, Sequencing.

We offer Genomic Isolation Kits, Plasmid DNA Isolation Kits, RNA Isolation Kits, DNA Ladders, Markers, PCR Master Mix and enzymes.

Labware and Chemicals

BBS is providing one stop solution to your all lab needs.

We supply glassware, plasticware and chemicals.

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