DNA Barcoding

Biological effects of global climate lead to importance of identification of organisms to preserve species because of increasing habitat destruction. About 5 to 50 million plants and animals are living on earth, out of which less than 2 million have been identified. Extinction of animals and plants is increasing yearly means thousand of them are lost each year and most of them are not identified yet.  This destruction and endangerment of ecosystem has lead to an improved system for identifying species.

DNA barcoding has emerged as a global standard method for fast and accurate species identification that makes ecological system more accessible by using short DNA sequence instead of whole genome and is used for fast and reliable identification of biological samples such as adult specimens, root or leaf fragments, eggs, larvae, etc. to the species level.

Our DNA barcoding service is cost-effective compared to traditional identification methods and it can even be applied when only a small amount of sample is available.


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